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I am a Psychologist and a Certified Life Coach practicing in Raleigh, NC and surrounding areas.I provide psychological services in the Raleigh area including Weight Loss, grief, depression, separation and Life Coaching for women nationwide.

Whether you need to make life changes or just need to get past the plateau you have reached in your weight loss goals, I will motivate you and direct you towards your success and happiness.
Most Life Coaching/Counseling occurs over the phone, at my own expense. Internet coaching is also available via Instant Message as well as Skype™. Psychological services are available at my office in the Raleigh area.

I have struggled with weight issues and depression in the past and I understand exactly what you are going through. Let me help you through your problems.

Weight Loss Goals:
—To help you achieve a healthy weight by making responsible and permanent lifestyle changes.
—To encourage you along the way and be both your coach and cheerleader.
—To give you the tools needed to persevere in your weight loss goals.
Goals for General Life Issues:
—To explore and develop your highest potential in having the life you want.
—To work with you and provide the encouragement and confidence needed to reach your personal goals.
—To uncover and discover strengths you never knew you possessed.
—To provide the best coaching experience possible.
—To make each client feel like the only client.
—To promote positive lifestyle changes that will enhance your life forever.
What Is a Weight Loss Life Coach/Counselor?

A Weight Loss Coach/Counselor is a Life Coach who specializes in helping people lose weight and keep it off FOREVER.  If you are looking for a “miracle” or “quick weight loss plan,” I am definitely NOT the coach for you!  If, on the other hand, you have made a decision that it is finally time to tackle this issue once and for all, I may just be the perfect Life Coach for you to work with.  You will find out much more information about me in the “introduction” section below, but for now, suffice it to say that it took me almost 50 years to come to the DECISION to deal with my weight issues for the LAST TIME.  I successfully and slowly lost over 110lbs. over the course fo a year, and have managed to keep it off for over seven years now, making me one of the few to “break the statistical barrier” which says that less than 5% of those who lose weight will retain their loss for over 5 years.  Not very encouraging, is it?  And this applies even to those who have undergone bariatric surgery for weight loss.  My psychology practice was largely devoted to helping women lose weight and keep it off.  I KNOW that if I can do it, you can, too!  I am a licensed psychologist in NC, and am currently a Certified Professional Weight Loss Coach/Counselor in the  Raleigh, NC area .

For most of my life, I was the overweight child, teen and adult.  I was the one who was teased, sometimes “lovingly” by my family, sometimes not so “lovingly” by the people at school, etc.  I was the one that the perfume lady at the mall would turn away from because after all, “Why would someone so heavy be interested in samples of my nice perfumes…she obviously doesn’t care what she looks like.”  Those of you who have dealt with weight issues, either lifelong ones or recent weight gains, know what I’m talking about.  The issues run very deeply with us.  Most people honestly have no idea of the pain we have gone through, the hundreds of times we have tried to lose weight, the countless New Year’s Resolutions we have made to lose weight and get healthy once and for all.

At some point the year before my 50th birthday, I made the DECISION that I was going to lose the weight in a healthy way, once and for all, and that IT IS NEVER COMING BACK ON AGAIN!  I lost 110lbs. in about 12 months and have kept it off for the past 7 years.  I went from 245lbs. to a healthy 135lbs.  And no, I’m not a size 2…not even an 8. I’m a 10-12 in most clothes and I am thrilled.  Since I was in college (where I majored in Psychology), I have been determined to help people lose weight…even though I was still heavy.  I was fortunate to be able to be a stay-at-home mom and raise two lovely daughters, and when the youngest was in high school, I returned for my Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology.  My thesis was on college women and weight, body-image and self-esteem issues.  You are well aware of the job the media and TV shows have done to damage the young people of the past two generations.  They have us believe that if we don’t have the “perfect” body, skin, clothes, friends, etc., we are “nobodies…losers…unpopular for life.”  I’ve cried for those young women who are literally ruining their lives with anorexia and bulimia trying to fit into a mold that isn’t supposed to fit everyone!  No one even knows what “normal” looks like anymore.  Either you’re FAT or you’re THIN.  Where’s the word for “NORMAL” or “HEALTHY?”

I truly understand where you’re coming from.  We’ve tried all the diets (and I HATE the word DIET, because going “on a diet” implies that one day you will be able to go “off the diet.”  What is needed is what I call a “Permanent Lifestyle Change.”Read client testimonials about me
and email me to set up your free consultation!

Weight Loss for Women Nationwide
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Therapy for Women, PLLC provides an array of psychological, Life Coaching and Weight Loss Coaching services for women. I can help you achieve your personal goals in life by offering her vast knowledge and friendly support to your specific situation.

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Weight Loss

Let me take you through the process of learning how to lose weight and keep it off by changing your lifestyle.

This is a hard task to do alone, but with help and support it is attainable.

I myself lost more than 110 pounds over the course of a year and have kept it off for more than 7 years now.

I devote my time and services to helping women lose weight and feel better about their image.